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Live from… somewhere in Oklahoma? … it’s Fire by Nite!

22 Aug

I never saw Fire by Nite during it’s heyday, but I discovered it via my favorite local Christian-run thrift store. I picked up every glorious VHS they had.

Maybe you watched the show and know what the deal is with them. But I was totally new to it, and what a treat 😛
Fire by Nite was produced by Willie George Ministries, out of Tulsa Oklahoma.

Big Willie G

Big Willie G

Willie also brought us the fun ol’ time known as The Gospel Bill Show.


Clip Show

Fire by Nite brought so many Christian gems.. Here are a few I’ve uploaded:

Family First, Fire by Nite’s take on a Christian family sitcom. This is a blooper reel.


Here’s a premise! What if Rocky was actually called Chunky, and…and…um.. yeah not exactly sure why this is funny.

or Miami vice, if Miami was actually in Oklahoma


Musical Artists!

That’s right. Fire by Nite would always have a special musical guest, just like SNL. Michael W. Smith, Petra (twice), DC Talk, ect…

Then there is this guy, Kenny Marks, who is just ridiculous. I remixed him for your pleasure.

And how do you explain rap, to a white Canadian living in Oklahoma in the early 90’s? Watch Stephen Wiley do just that (sorry for the shitty dub):

DC Talk was my first introduction to Christian “rap”. I’m still in therapy.
Now let’s take a Bible Break!

That’s right, I was a teen in the 90’s. I hung out with kids like these Fire by Nite teens:


Where are they Now?

A lot of the..uh… actors?…  I couldn’t find through my research (Google). But I did find a couple.

Blaine Bartel, the youth pastor himself, ran headfirst into scandal two years ago. He admitted to an affair, and resigned as pastor of Northstar Church (in Texas) after it became public.

He has a couple of videos uploaded on Youtube, helping people with Church marketing tips. Which end with the message “Please hire me!!”. Well, maybe not in so many words, but it’s there.


John and Viccijo (“Vickie Joe”) Witty

These two are all OVER the internets. Facebook and facebook, twitter, and of course, YOU TUBE!!

Oh, I get it. This video wasn’t meant to be funny. They are really big on ending slavery in Oklahoma. Yeah, that’s right, apparently human trafficking is a huge problem in Oklahoma. Not sure that was a topic on Fire by Nite.. too bad. And on that light note!

When Canada and Oklahoma come together to put together a Christian clip show, I have to say, it has interesting consequences. Where are the current day Christian ripoffs? I have to assume they are out there somewhere, right?


Fire by Nite Intro starring Gay Jesus

10 Jun jesus in gold spandex

Fire by Nite was a Christian skit show, with music videos and “star” interviews. This is the intro from a 1990 show.  The theme for this show was all about Jesus being a tough guy. What?! Does it really matter? I mean.. you are talking about a God you believe to be the Creator of everything that ever existed right?

Michael W. Smith feat. Jesus on keytar

7 Jun

This one takes me back (as much as I rather not admit it).

What’s better than an 80’s rock video? An 80’s christian rock video. Oh… the mullets, the guitar solos, the fist pumps and the crucifixion. What more could we ask for?

This music video snippet is courtesy of ‘Fire By Nite’, a Christian SNL rip off. And trust me, there’s more to come.

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