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Teaching kids to speak in tongues

10 Aug


Super Church – Puppet Skits 1 (1993)

I wasn’t expecting anything too interesting from a tape of puppet skits. But for 25 cents, why not check it out. Curiosity always seems to get the better of me.

This is a tape of puppet skits created by Mark Harper of Mark Harper Ministries. He sells all types of media and curriculum for childrens ministries. What he calls “relevant spirit-filled curriculum”.

The tape consists of 6 puppet skits:

* Sally Takes a Stand          * Robby Gets Saved         * Laugh at the Devil

* Robby Loses his Chicken   * Robby Learns to Witness     * Jimmy skips Church

Mark currently works at Living Word Christian Center in Minneapolis. They put great importance on speaking in tongues.

Every believer should be filled with the Holy Spirit, with speaking in tongues as the initial physical evidence.  –

I’ve never participated in this, and neither did any of the churches I attended in the past, but I find it fascinating. And it was very strange to hear a puppet play that taught kids how to do it!

There was also a skit teaching kids to laugh at their troubles. I have to say, it was a little disturbing. I guess the idea is, when you are feeling down, it’s the devils fault. So instead of trying to solve the problem, you should pretend you are happy. In time, God will help you (?).  I’m not sure if teaching kids to wear a “happy mask” is exactly healthy.

Laugh at the Devil


How to save a soul: Presbyterian style (circa 1973)

6 Aug

So I found an interesting tape today. Ever heard a pastor lead someone to Christ? Perhaps you yourself sat with a Reverend, and he asked you if you wished to be saved.

Did they sound a little rehearsed?  This stuff takes practice. Saving souls is serious business, and there’s a right way and a wrong way.

Below is a recording from 1973, of a pastor learning the right way to save a soul.  He’s got church member Scotty acting as a “practice soul”, and an executive pastor walking him through, and them making this recording to listen to afterward. Just like football players after a big game.

Now you too can learn How to save a soul, old-school Presbyterian style.

Note: The tape is labeled First Presbyterian Church, 1973.. that’s how I know the year and church.

DISCLAIMER this recording may bore some to tears.

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