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How to save a soul: Presbyterian style (circa 1973)

6 Aug

So I found an interesting tape today. Ever heard a pastor lead someone to Christ? Perhaps you yourself sat with a Reverend, and he asked you if you wished to be saved.

Did they sound a little rehearsed?  This stuff takes practice. Saving souls is serious business, and there’s a right way and a wrong way.

Below is a recording from 1973, of a pastor learning the right way to save a soul.  He’s got church member Scotty acting as a “practice soul”, and an executive pastor walking him through, and them making this recording to listen to afterward. Just like football players after a big game.

Now you too can learn How to save a soul, old-school Presbyterian style.

Note: The tape is labeled First Presbyterian Church, 1973.. that’s how I know the year and church.

DISCLAIMER this recording may bore some to tears.


Let’s face it…. History is subjective

2 Oct

I found an old 1918 book at Christian Crap. It’s supposed to provide a complete Biblical History for School and Home.

The book steps through all most of the Bible stories and has review questions at the end.

Not a very exciting read as I’m sure you can imagine.

I skimmed most of it, then turned to some of the stories where I knew some of the favorite Bible characters did some awful things.

I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see these were either omitted entirely (Lot’s daughters), or explained away (Noah’s drunkenness).

The Illustrations in the book are really nice… well, beautiful. The subject matter isn’t always nice.

The owner of the book made sure we knew the Sodom and Gomorrah story  was here. Some things never change.

The story of Noah’s ark was all there. Even the part where the most righteous man gets drunk off his ass. But Rev. Herman gives a nice explanation for that…

… riiiiight…even though humans had been growing grapes since the beginning of time.

The owner of the book wrote a long list of columns in the back of the book. Does anyone know what these might mean?

Also written in the back of the book, the owner made note of all the major religions of the world.

Ah yes, the good ol’ days. When selecting religion on your online social network profile meant a single simple selection from 3 radio buttons. Unlike today, where you have to search through a blasphemous multi-layered drop-down list of heathens.

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