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You had me at Xenu…

30 May

LRonI didn’t create these Scientology gems, I merely found them. And now I’m sharing them for your viewing pleasure.

For more Scientology antics, vist X EN U Tv.

Org basic Book Course commercial. Don’t be fooled by it’s high budget value:

Flag Tour 2004! Happiest Place on Earth! Seriously, what are these people on?

Learn to speak the Language… at least until Rosetta offers it. Something’s goin’ to flap! Better watch it now before you “drop your body”!


The Bible: How it came to be – and other Posters

20 Jan

Here are some fun posters I found online..


Science vs. Faith

Atheist Vader

To those few who might be following the blog, I recently found a fun christian video about a News Reporter atheist, who received a message from God himself. Wow!  ...Coming Soon…

Lil’ Markie loves the Lord

27 Sep

lil markie

Lil’ Markie has done his rounds on the internet, including youtube, eBaum, and various other sites.

He has sung many a christian song, touching on subjects like his drunk Dad, and his mother who aborted him, all in a high-pitched, puppet-like, helium induced voice.  Overall, some really creepy stuff. But the most fun is watching Lil Markie himself singing on stage for some lucky church. He starts out like any large Christian in a yellow sweater shirt, but just wait and little Markie will reveal himself.  I have to wonder if they invited him back.

If the video hasn’t made you run for the hills, WFMU did a great post about him, including some of his songs for download.   

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