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Christianity: teaching kids they need to believe in Jesus or they will be tortured forever since 0 AD.

4 Oct

I found another “great” VHS at Christian Crap. There is so much insanity, awfulness, crud, and crappiness in this video, I don’t even know where to start. In the mid-90’s, a church in California put on a huge play for up to 80,000 (they say) people over the course of a month or something. The skits are all about people who die, end up at the pearly gates, and learn that they are either going to Heaven or Hell. That’s it.

Just watch for yourself. I split up the different clips below. But the entire video is available to download at the end of the post. Enjoy, but beware you may find yourself both laughing uncontrollably and/or puking.

Family on the way to Fast food ends up in Heaven

Secretaries on their Judgement Day

Teenage Girl’s overdose on drugs

Jesus sends kid to Hell

What happens after death – Construction workers

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