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Psalty (the singing song book) vs. Risky Rat (the singing Jewish villain)

26 Jun Psalty scares me


Psalty’s Salvation Celebration  (VHS)

psalty video coverStarring:

Ernie Rettino as Psalty

Robb Rigg as Risky Rat

Joy Lenz (now known as Bethany Joy Galeotti) as Shelly Barns

Psalty was Created by Ernie and Debby Rettino. This movie’s screenplay was written by Wayne Zeitner, who also directed it.

So Where are They Now?

First off I have to say, Risky Rat is my favorite. The actor who plays him manages to be even more “over the top” then Psalty himself, which is no easy feat. And he plays a darn good villain. So who is this Robb Rigg guy?

Apparently, he’s a big time drama teacher. And the students at San Juan Hills High gave him fair ratings:

Total Ratings: 7
Overall Easiness: 4.4 (out of 5)
Overall Helpfulness: 4.9
Overall Clarity: 4.6
Overall Popularity: 7
He also directs shows, like a play called “Fools” at the Camino Real Playhouse. Oh, and because I know you’re curious… here he is without his rat face on:’
Robb Rigg who played Risky Rat

Robb Rigg

Joy Lenz grows up to be Bethany Joy Galeotti. She has had roles on Guiding Light, and a starring role on One Tree Hill. Good for her.

Joy Lenz or Bethany Joy Galeotti

Joy Lenz or Bethany Joy Galeotti

Wayne Zeitner, the screenplay writer and director now owns ZeeWorks Media. I’m not exactly sure what they do, but it looks like they produce movies. He also has some christian themed videos on Vimeo.

And of course the creators of Psalty himself, Ernie and Debby Rettino. They still run the Psalty Empire, though I’m not sure you would call it an empire anymore.

Ernie Rettino

This movie gives a glimpse at the real life Psalty;  a living, breathing, 7 ft. golem book that walks the earth. We also get to meet his perpetual gang of kids who hang on his every word, the equally annoying Charity church mouse, and the scoundrel Risky Rat. If I didn’t know better, Risky Rat looks a little Jewish… hmm, maybe it’s just me. Starring Bethany Joy Galeotti as the little girl Shelly Barns.

Below are some “highlights” from the movie. Welcome to the Nightmare.

Dad leaves Girl with creepy giant blue book

Risky Rat montage

Psalty being cooked by cannibals…why not

Kids, know what you believe. No need to know why.

How to Witness to Atheist Nerds and celebrate a”Happy Re-birthday”.

Solomon the lisping Supersonic salamander hawks some wares


Fire by Nite Intro starring Gay Jesus

10 Jun jesus in gold spandex

Fire by Nite was a Christian skit show, with music videos and “star” interviews. This is the intro from a 1990 show.  The theme for this show was all about Jesus being a tough guy. What?! Does it really matter? I mean.. you are talking about a God you believe to be the Creator of everything that ever existed right?

Hey kids! Can you say Indoctrination!?

8 Jun

jesus and judas sitting in a tree



Here comes Jesus bible puppets

Christians love puppets. They really really do. I may have practiced ventriloquism as a young christian child, I won’t lie.

I have to wonder if they think indoctrination sounds less crazy coming out of diverse “felt” people. … Cause it doesn’t.

Exhibit A:

Michael W. Smith feat. Jesus on keytar

7 Jun

This one takes me back (as much as I rather not admit it).

What’s better than an 80’s rock video? An 80’s christian rock video. Oh… the mullets, the guitar solos, the fist pumps and the crucifixion. What more could we ask for?

This music video snippet is courtesy of ‘Fire By Nite’, a Christian SNL rip off. And trust me, there’s more to come.

Lord who?

3 Jun


The Appointment (VHS)

funny atheist video

The Appointment is about a “hot” atheist reporter talking bad about religion. And her atheist co-workers, all with beards for some reason, don’t seem to have a problem with it.

God’s solution? Send an angel with a POV camera to tell her she has an appointment with DEATH. Yeah. That will teach her.

atheist video

UPDATE:  “Christian Crap”, my favorite neighborhood church-run thrift store, really came through today. Not only were videos “buy one get one free”, but some church unloaded their entire 90’s video collection. Oh yes, I’ll need to bust into a six pack for these viewings. More videos to come I’m sure. Petra and Michael W. Smith will most definitely be involved.


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