How to save a soul: Presbyterian style (circa 1973)

6 Aug

So I found an interesting tape today. Ever heard a pastor lead someone to Christ? Perhaps you yourself sat with a Reverend, and he asked you if you wished to be saved.

Did they sound a little rehearsed?  This stuff takes practice. Saving souls is serious business, and there’s a right way and a wrong way.

Below is a recording from 1973, of a pastor learning the right way to save a soul.  He’s got church member Scotty acting as a “practice soul”, and an executive pastor walking him through, and them making this recording to listen to afterward. Just like football players after a big game.

Now you too can learn How to save a soul, old-school Presbyterian style.

Note: The tape is labeled First Presbyterian Church, 1973.. that’s how I know the year and church.

DISCLAIMER this recording may bore some to tears.


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